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About APEX Real Estate

Apex advisory services are built on the expertise gained from 30 years of underwriting and acquiring partial ownership interest in real estate and real estate securities; providing innovative financial solutions in real estate finance;

Management recapitalizations; Providing liquidity in non-listed or thinly traded real estate securities; Buy, hold sell portfolio advice, solve portfolio structuring problems; Entity restructuring or workout advisory.


Liquidity: Over 30 years experience each in portfolio construction, investment and management, investing as a principal in real estate valued in excess of $750 million and over $2.5 billion in agency transactions. 


Valuations of thousands of entities holding real estate worth in excess of $40 billion. Nationally recognized expert in partial interest valuations, governance issues, and secondary market trading of non-listed real estate.


Previous history of portfolio management/advisory work for public entities includes advisory work and/or valuations. Past clients available upon request.


Portfolio or Litigation Consulting: Buy, hold, sell analysis, tender offer advisory, valuations, expert witness work have all been provided to investors and/or their professional service providers.

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