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For over 30 years, Apex and its predecessor affiliates have provided liquidity to holders of real estate equity and debt 

Hospitality; assisting owners and lenders

  • owners seeking lifeline capital via new layer(s) of preferred equity or mezz debt 

  • lenders about the purchase of debt held on their balance sheets 

  • small hotel companies re: equity infusions at the corporate level.

Properties in which Apex will invest can be located in most markets around the country or Canada. Apex prefers to invest between $10mm - $50mm of equity in individual properties; entity capitalizations up to $100mm

Developer/OperatingPartner interests 

  • General partner, LLC manager, JV operating partner, private REIT advisor 

  • Replace financial partner 

  • Buy out partners/difficult investors 

  • Recapitalize balance sheet 


Real estate private equity manager 

  • Close out fund without requiring operating partner to sell 

  • Reduce accounting and admin for small remnants 

  • Reduce number of operating partners 

Investor interests  

  • Trusts and estates, family offices, etc. 

  • Limited partner, LLC member, private REIT shareholder, fund investor, JV  

  • Monetize illiquid holding 

  • Control timing to exit fund 

  • Sell off poor performers 




Target transactions --- $10 - 50 million range (can aggregate smaller purchases, accommodate larger in special circumstances) 

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